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Khan & Muezzin is an international law firm, established in 2007, having offices in Pakistan & Canada. The firm provides a diverse range of legal services, including legal consultancy work, litigation and arbitration.

We regularly work with foreign & local companies, NGOs, government bodies and business individuals to advise and/or represent them in matters involving diverse areas of legal practice. Our legal consultancy services include, for example, rendition of legal advice & opinions, contractual & legislative drafting, vetting of legal documentation, conducting legal and commercial negotiations, due diligence, legal verifications and other similar legal services.

As specialist barristers and advocates, we also handle a multiplicity of civil litigation, ranging from large-scale corporate litigation to cases affecting the rights of individuals. Alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration, also form a strong area of practice for us. The majority members of the firm are legally qualified from the United Kingdom and licensed to practice as advocates and legal consultants in Pakistan. We are able to represent clients before the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the High Courts and all the subordinate courts across the country. One of our partners is also licensed to practice in the courts of Gilgit Baltistan.

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Client: Khan & Muezzin
Date: 28-01-2020
Services:Website Design & Development